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Yet more compelling proof, but what more proof do people need really other than watching them in action… so blatant! But confirming what they do put up there is very important! If more would only come forward like him!

I can relate with the so called highly educated academics of this world and in my experience and struggles over years now trying to get people to take notice, I have encountered brick walls of absolute ignorance mostly!

At first, I really thought I could get my company interested. I carefully approached certain people and even had my manager check a email I done to your debate with Doug McMartin (what a childish man he is, his replies were ridiculous) only so she could learn, but I ended up having a mental health assessment; trying to force me to shut up about it!

Another guy high up I get on well with and respect him as a person at my company and is the one I wanted to get onboard above anyone else, I gave him so much information and pestered him for some time! He would come back with proposals for Geoengineering from likes of David Keith, to which I had to explain to him the deception there and I knew all about that already! Eventually he conceded by saying he thinks it is happening in the US but not here in the UK. I said I suggest you look at the sky… but they just won’t… and if do secretly certainly won’t admit they’re concerned!

Always looking to bring the topic up over the years and looking for angles in with someone who might care! Sometimes might think getting somewhere and they’ll say “well there’s nothing we can do” and you know from that point they will do nothing! And even the one guy I work with who was onboard for a while, lost all interest and went back to preaching official narrative lies!

I have learned that in general the more educated they are the more clueless they are about the reality of this world and how things can be corrupted, often with an ego to match!

I remember your interview with the EPA guy. What an example that is of what they’ll do to people for questioning the lies and trying to do the right thing!

We have been so let down by so many who just refuse to face reality… its mind boggling really the enormity of the job done in this very sick system!

The fact that it happens often in such ‘plane’ sight and if pay attention will see things like near on collisions leaving huge X’s in the sky etc, that hardly anyone knows and when told they just don't care, says it all…

At least some of us do what we can, but damn do we need these cowardly academics and others to step up… I hope between us all we have planted enough seeds to finally sprout, but it’s not looking good…

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